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Guiding families and their philanthropy to new heights

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

- Helen Keller

Elevating Your Generosity

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Family Governance and Next-Gen Coaching

Your family's wealth is much more than money. Working together effectively and mindfully to make a difference in the world can bring you together in a special way.

  • Discovering and refining your family's unique impact in the world.

  • Navigating topics around wealth and its impact on your family.

  • Succession planning and ongoing coaching for the next generation of your family enterprise.

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Virtual Family Foundation

Whether you give independently or through a donor-advised fund (DAF), we help you maximize the impact - in the world and in your family - of your generosity.

  • Coordinating your unique philanthropic strategy and facilitating your family's engagement with funded organizations.

  • Creating meaningful connection within your family through your unique philanthropy.

  • Providing subject-matter expertise, and identifying best-in-class organizations.

  • Due diligence and evaluation of your specific project(s).

  • Leveraging impact investing as part of your philanthropic vision.

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Grantee Consulting and Management Services

Within the trust-based relationship you have with your grantees, we help them further unleash their vision and goals.


We provide a highly experienced outside perspectives to your grantee organizations and impact partners, through consulting that "rolls up our sleeves" from strategic planning to fundraising to executive leadership.


We also look for ways to engage donor families in ways they can help deepen the impact of grantee organizations.

“Each fresh peak ascended
teaches something.”

Sir Martin Conway

We work with adventurous families, individuals, and organizations that aspire to reach new heights in their impact.


If that's you, let's talk.





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Santa Barbara, CA 93108

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