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Guiding families and their philanthropy to new heights

Successful family philanthropy is like a summit expedition –
it requires team work, the right plan, and a trusted guide.

Your Guide in Impactful Generosity

Wealth and Families

Leverage your family's full resources and generosity to make a difference and bring you together on what really matters.


We help bring clarity and alignment through:

  • Discovering and refining your family's unique impact in the world

  • Navigating topics around wealth and its impact on your family

  • Succession planning

Leadership and Management Services

Stay focused on what is most meaningful to you in your giving through a wide range of leadership and management services:

  • Virtual Executive

  • Managing and administering your grants program

  • Providing due diligence and project evaluation

We ensure the business of your generosity succeeds.

Grantee Consulting

Within the trust-based relationship you have with your grantees, we help them further unleash their vision and goals through management and operations consulting.


We provide a highly experienced outside perspective to your grantees and impact partners to help them deepen their impact.

Great things are done when [people] and mountains meet.

William Blake

“For over seven years, Keith led and shaped our family foundation through his exceptional gifts and expertise. We benefited greatly from his wise counsel, heartfelt commitment, and faithful service. He was and remains a close friend and trusted counselor.”


Dr. G. Walter Hansen

Rivendell Stewards' Trust

"During the time Keith led our corporate philanthropy efforts, he expertly guided each of our various foundations - from start ups to well established ones. Each of our foundations was like its own family - many stakeholders with a wide variety of perspectives and expectations. Keith guided us with wisdom, empathy, and professionalism. His emotional intelligence as a leader was incredibly valuable."

Sarah Lynch

Pacific Retirement Services

"Adventum Impact has been an excellent guide for our family philanthropy – helping us think about our giving and how to make it impactful in our family and in the world. We’re also very thankful how Keith continues to provide valuable management consulting to our biggest grantees to help them be even more impactful.” 


Sherman and Cheryl Balch

Balch family philanthropy


We work with adventurous families, individuals, and organizations that aspire to reach new heights in their impact.


If that's you, let's talk.





1224 Coast Village Circle, Suite 11

Santa Barbara, CA 93108

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